We Are Human: How the Story Ends

We were talking about King David in Sunday school this past weekend. How he is considered to be one of the ‘great mean of the Bible’ even though he did some pretty sketch stuff including adultery and murder. It’s a testament to how nothing takes you too far from the fold of God’s love and plan for your life.  God loves us, forgives us, and uses us despite all the ways we screw up. Then a guy in our class spoke up and said, “What if someone like that walked in right now? Someone who you knew cheated on his wife and killed someone. Would you embrace and love them?” *record scratch*

It’s one thing to see someone from history way after the fact and appreciate what God did in their lives. I wasn’t living in the times with David to know how his acts effected his every day life and the way people looked at him and treated him. We see how the story ends, not the messy middle part.

Back to the guy’s question. I immediately thought of this guy I know who is total jack wagon. He treats his wife like crap and is just generally a slimy type guy. I tried to picture how I would react if he walked in. I, in all honesty, would probably roll my eyes and be disgusted if I am being 100% honest. This realization shocked me! I consider myself to be a very loving person. I have a deep love for humanity and their struggles. So this really made me take a long look at myself. Do I only love the people who are easy to love? The people who I feel are deserving of love? Yikes. That’s not what I want to be about.

I think this all goes back to what I said earlier about why it’s easy to see the value of King David’s life despite his mistakes: we see how the story ends. We, in our humanness, do not see how the story ends for people in our lives right now. This guy who I think is a total bum? Who knows what God has in store for his life and how He will use his mistakes? That’s why God is good and we are human. God loves us because He does know the end of the story.  He knows how bad we are going to mess up, but He also knows how we will be redeemed. And I’m convicted all over again to just love people where they are, even if that is hard.


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