Being Known: A Sense of Community

“How’d you manage to get out of the house by yourself?”

It’s a simple question, passing conversation, a polite interaction but it says a lot. It says that she knows my family, she knows we usually come in with a kid or two (or three, or six) in tow, she knows it’s a rarity to see me alone, and she took the time to say something personal to me.  Who was this awesome lady who seems to know me and my family? The sweet lady who works behind the counter at the gas station near our house that we go to almost every day. I wonder if she knows how much it meant to me for her to ask me that?

Our neighbors to the north bring over treats and snacks for our kids every so often. On Christmas: they hand deliver a card, bring a ham, and a small gift for each of our kids. One night we had several people over and she saw lots of cars, she texted my husband just to make sure everything was ok. They even buy dog treats…for OUR dogs. I love having neighbors we know and who I know care about us.

If we happen to miss a Sunday of church, I have no less than three people texting me or messaging me to say they missed us and making sure everything is ok. My kids get birthday cards in the mail from our church family. They pray for my health and celebrate our joys with us. They are more than just people we wave at in passing one hour a week.

Put your phone down every once in a while and see the people around you. Get to know your neighbors, the clerks at your local stores, the people you share life with.  Invest in them and they will invest with you. Before you know it, your life will be filled with a  rich tapestry of amazing people who were there all along.


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