Marry the Geek, Ladies & Gents

When I was a freshman in high school, there was this guy in my first hour English class who would always, always get nose bleeds. Seriously, always, Like, are you ok, guy? I can see him standing there in his giant JNCO jeans and some ridiculous band shirt. I also started to notice how he was always making the people around him laugh; not at him but with him. We started just making some friendly small talk that year. We ended up having English together the next couple years as well. We joked about how it was our thing to have English together. Oh, one more thing about this guy, we are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary this June.

I love that we built a true friendship with each other over those years before we started dating our senior year. We talked on the phone one night the September of our Senior year for hours. We hit on everything from family, to religion, to our dreams for the future. I make no exaggeration when I say that after that conversation, we both knew we would be getting married to each other one day. It was as sure and definite a thing as I have ever felt. I felt it then and I felt it now: a comfort and a safety with him.  Plus, he is super cute so that doesn’t hurt. 

We have gone through some tough stuff over the years: job loss, bankruptcy, other dumb assery of our own doing. But through it all, we have always had each other. He truly is my best friend, as cheesy as it sounds. When I have a bad day (or a good day), I cannot wait to tell him all about it. When he is gone, I look forward to him coming home. I flat out enjoy spending time with him. He makes me laugh every day, even when I don’t want to. He tells me I’m beautiful and I believe him. I can be my true self around him, and him with me. He calls me on my bull crap yet goes along with my pie in the sky plans and ideas. Plus, he is super cute so that doesn’t hurt.

I am truly thankful to have him in my life and I love him even more now than I did 20 years ago when we met. I look forward to what God has in store for us for the next part of our life. I hope we are showing our kids what a good marriage looks like: laughter, friendship, kissing in front of the kids to make them gag, and just enjoying our time together. He is amazing to me. Plus, he is super cute so that doesn’t hurt.




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