A Picture Perfect Summer Break

It that’s what you are hear to read about or get ideas about, I suggest you move right along!

As a school nurse, having summers off with my kids is pretty dang awesome. No alarms to set, no sitters to find, no clothes to change out of pajamas into. Not going to lie, it rocks! The kids are confused as to why dad has to work all summer. To which he responds, “I’m an adult with a normal job.” Whatevs, dude! So am I!

I always have visions of bubble stations, library visits, fort building and the like. But what I usually get it yelling at dogs, fighting children, and all food in the house being eaten in one day. Where are the Pinterest posts about that?

I finally figured out that the reason I get frustrated is because I’m trying to force us into a mold that we are just never going to fit into. My home is a constant state of controlled chaos, there is no time for sidewalk chalk stencils! And you know what? That’s ok! We laugh, we play in the yard, we go to the gas station for drinks, the kids help me with my jewelry business, we sleep in, and we stay up late. It’s low key, it’s unorganized, and it’s fun. I honestly cherish these times I have with my kids where we are just lounging around the house being us.

To the moms and dads rocking the homemade popsicles and summer crafts: more power to you! If that is where you thrive and what you enjoy then keep on keepin’ on. But if you are like me and this post rings true for you, don’t feel bad. Your kids are going to remember having fun no matter what!


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