Capturing the Real Deal

I’ll admit it. I was that mom who bought all the Old Navy flag shirts for the kids, dutifully lined them up to snap a pic, and kept snapping until I got the one where they all looked angelic. Of course, it’s much easier to stuff a bunch of toddlers and preschoolers into a mold than it is a gangly teen and a couple of moody middle schoolers. I’m not sure who I was trying to impress with these highly posed pics (you? are you impressed?) or what message I was trying to send (see? see how I have it all together?) but in all honesty it stressed me the heck out!

I don’t know what changed or when exactly it changed, but I am 100% over all of that. Maybe it is having six kids, maybe it is the fact that their age range (14-5) doesn’t really lend well to that kind of thing, maybe it is because I’m an older more mature mom (ha!), or maybe I just got tired of putting on a show. It takes enough of my time and energy to make sure I’m being a good mom to them without working on the highly posed pics to post on social media.

Now when I post pics of my kids you will see mismatched clothes, dirty knees, unkempt hair, death stares, and grumpy faces. But you will also see genuine smiles, siblings bonding, and you see true memories being made.  I feel like I am capturing the real memories of their childhood. They will look back at these pics and share a laugh or a smile. “Oh, man! Remember how mad you were that day?” “Look how dirty our feet were. Wasn’t that an awesome day?” “That summer where we bummed around the yard for 2 months was amazing!” I’ll take real over staged any day!

But I do still make them allllllll dress alike for Easter because it’s just my thing now. I mean, you can’t have six kids without some good old fashioned matching outfits now and then! But I don’t stress about how it will all come across. Their personalities still shine through in their faces when I snap the pic and I don’t snap 100 to try and get a ‘perfect’ one. They are all perfect because they perfectly capture the moment.


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